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Spécifications of the final version.

  • Authentic Napoleonic style combat from the years 1805-1815.

  • Innovative 5 tiered Artificial Intelligence system models the difficulty and challenges of command in the early 19th century battlefield.

  • Realistic combat resolution and modeling which takes into account such factors as orientation and density of unit formations, their training, combat effectiveness, fatigue and moral.

  • Advanced morale engine accounts for a variety of elements including proximity to friendly commanders and units, weather effects, level of sustained losses, overall fatigue and more.

  • Thrilling battles with over 500,000 3D models shown representing up to 500,000 Infantry soldiers, Cavalry and Artillerymen - all fully animated!

  • Comes with several historical battles including Haslach, Austerlitz, Durenstein, Elchingen, Hollabrun. New battles will be added for each new version (Borodino, Eylau, Friedland, Hanau, Wagram, Waterloo...)

  • Play as any of 27 different major, minor and city state military powers including France, Russia, Austria, Wurtenmberg, Saxony, Poland, Italy and Naples.

  • Over 1500 historical Regiments, 5000 unique commanders and all accurate military uniforms included.

  • 4 different game editors (Map, Order of Battle, Doctrine and Campaign) allow you to build your own battles or modify the included ones, create your own armies and customize specific characteristics and abilities of any unit or commander.

  • Units organized into historically accurate and individually controllable Regiments, Brigades, Divisions, Corps and Armies.

  • Single player action against the computer and multiplayer with up to 16 (*) people on two sides Internet, LAN and PBEM multiplayer modes.

  • Variable speed play from real time 1 minute = 1 minute to accelerated 10x time where 6 seconds of gametime = 1 minute of simulated time. PBEM mode played in 15 to 30 minute turns.

HistWar Jeu Vidéo
  • Huge variety of troops types including; Sappers, Skirmishers, Grenadiers, Fusiliers, Chasseurs, Imperial, Middle and Young Guards, Hussars, Cuirassiers, Dragoons, Gendarmes, Carbiniers, Lancers and Mameluks among others.

  • Ability to create and design your own custom uniforms.

  • Variety of individually modeled and animated "personalities" such as Captains, Majors, Colonels, Flag and Standard Bearers and more.

  • Exhaustively researched Table of Organization and Equipment for all the major combatants included.

  • Create maps in size from 6 x 4.5 Km to 15 x 12.25 Km (over 180 square kilometers)

  • Environmental effects such as rain, fog, snow and smoke.

  • Variety of camera views supported including exciting 3D Real World and Bird's Eye views plus a 3D Symbolic map and 2D Strategic Overview mode.

Roadmap of video game HistWar...

HistWar : Napoleon will evolve throughout the next years… All the new updates and features to come in the new versions will be free.

  • Version 6  (with new historical battles)  : improved grand tactical AI, new interface,

  • Version 7  (with new historical battle) : new figurines (scale 1/1),

  • Version 8  (with new historical battles) : new editors (Map, Doctrine, Order of Battle),

  • Version 9  (with new historical battles)  : Scenario editor and Campaign editor.

HistWar : Napoléon

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