Napoléon and his Imperial Guard

Napoleon and his guard. We arrived on August 12th and resided in the encampment around the Pont-de-Briques castle where Napoleon was, accompanied by his staff and his household. Companies from the “Chasseur a cheval” of the guard as well as from the “chasseurs a pied” of the guard had the honor of accompanying him. This time, the men of our regiment were jealous, but they knew that they will have their chance to escort our respected little corporal. On the 13th, captain Le Sang gathered the men from the first company and rigorously examined every soldier. Each man had to be flawless during the inspection; otherwise the commander of the 1st regiment would issue harsh sanctions. This however,

On the Road...

On the roads of Northern France. A week ago, the 1st regiment of the grenadiers of the imperial guard left their encampment heading towards the concentration zone. Each morning, the troop would start its march at sunrise and, by early afternoon, would have traveled about thirty kilometers. Each hour, a halt of a few minutes was used to eat or smoke a pipe. Mid-way a 30 minute break allowed for a refreshing rest. When arrived at destination, after finding lodging among the populace, the soldiers would try to find a bite to eat, even flirt with the young ladies who were always welcoming. The officers would have many discussions which were closely followed. Sergeant Bonheur was friends with the

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