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Specifications for the final version.

  • Accurate modelling of the Napoleonic battles of 1805.

  • Five AIs (Artificial Intelligence) to handle each level of the hierarchy, at the Grand Tactical and Tactical levels; two intermediate AIs handle the management of Divisions and Brigades.

  • Realistic combat resolution by modelling a range of factors including the distance, orientation and density of units, as well as their training, effectiveness, fatigue and morale.

  • A fine-tuned procedure for calculating morale, taking into account a range of variables such as losses, fatigue, the proximity of supporting units or Army or Corps commanders, the security of lines of operation, etc. In this way, the engine naturally simulates the domino effect, where an army can disintegrate as soon as a guard unit flees.

  • Managed at 1/1 or 1/2 scale, each miniature represents one or two real-life combatants. Relive the battles of 1805 with over 150,000 combatants: infantrymen, cavalrymen and artillerymen.

  • Delivered with the battles of the 1805 campaign ending in Austerlitz: Haslach, Durenstein, Elchingen, Hollabrun.

  • Doctrine editor to define the behaviour of units according to the environment.

  • Historically organised armies with individual control at different levels: Army, Corps or Columns, Division, Brigade, Regiments.

  • Single-player mode against the AI Grande Tactique or multi-player mode for up to 8 players. PBEM email game mode for offline play.

  • Variable game speed between 1/10 and 1/1 for accelerated simulations or to achieve a high degree of realism. In email game mode, sequences last between 20 and 30 minutes per turn.

  • A wide variety of troops, including fusiliers, voltigeurs, grenadiers, chasseurs à pied and chasseurs à cheval, cuirassiers, carabiniers, gendarmes, hussars, lancers, mamelukes, dragons à pied and dragons à cheval, chevau-légers and also the vielle, moyenne or jeune garde impériale or royale...

  •  A dozen uniforms for each regiment: colonel, battalion commander, captain, sergeant, drummer, flag bearer, infantryman in their elite or normal company uniform.

  • Map from 27 km² to 150 km² to best reproduce the battles.

  • Meteorological effect taking into account rain, fog, smoke and snow: the weather significantly modifies the speed of movement and the effectiveness of weapons. The time of year affects viewing conditions.

  • Several 3D viewing modes (helicopter mode, subjective vision), global display of the battlefield in symbolic 3D or 2D.


HistWar: Napoleon evolves over time... Updates offering new features and innovations are free.

  •  Version 7: new miniatures (scale 1/1),

  •  Version 8: new Doctrine editor,

  •  Version 9: campaign editor for battle after battle

HistWar : Austerlitz

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