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ArmChairGeneral : HistWar Review

Published on 20/05/2011

…a must-have for those who love command-level tactical or grand tactical Napoleonic battle simulations

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Histwar: Les Grognards Interview

Published on 30/06/2007

Histwar: Les Grognards (HW:LG) is the title of a Napoleonic computer wargame being developed by a team lead by Jean-Michel Mathé (JMM), and to be published by Battlefront. The game will allow players to put on Napoleon’s boots and direct huge armies against the Russians and Austrians. HW:LG will come with ten scenarios depicting famous engagements like Austerlitz or Bordino.

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PC Gamer - May 2006

Published on 31/03/2005

Hexagons are history. Computer wargames stop cowering and begin the counterattack.

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PC4War - March 2005

Published on 30/06/2003

HistWar : Les Grognards Napoleonic wargame that simulates engagements at Great-Tactical level from 1805 to 1814. Using 3D (No hexagon) and real time, it could be played solo or multi-players (LAN or Internet up to 6 gamers) or through e-mail. It manages up to one hundred units by opponent, i.e. around 50 000 animated figures. Only with multi-players option, a “mini-campaign” modulus introduces notions of operational scale such as operating lines. The heart of the concept is to place you in situation of an army leader to define, in some clicks, a precise plan of battle and to let the artificial intelligence carry it out. It is then possible to interfere on lower hierarchical levels (Corps – Division – Regiment) for closer management of orders implementation. To allow those 3 levels of command, HistWar benefits a graphic engine integrating 4 levels of display and customizable IA.

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Gamespot - Januray 2002

Published on 30/11/2002

La Grande Armee at Austerlitz is one of those wargames trying to break down the barrier between real-time bustle and turn-based sobriety. It’s got all the trappings of grognard-oriented, turn-based wargaming, but it puts them in a manageable real-time environment. The result is a sort of you-are-there approach to commanding an army in the 19th century. Call it Sim Field Marshal.

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GameSpy - January 2002

Published on 30/09/2002

Ironically, Napoleon is most often remembered for the crucial battle that he lost. No fewer than a half a dozen computer games have been based on Waterloo over the years, yet his shinning moment at the battle of Austerlitz is seldom recounted. Almost as ironic is the fact that two new simulations will finally be showcasing this historic battle. Strategy First’s Austerlitz: Napoleon’s Greatest Victory will use the same modified engine of Sid Meier’s Gettysburg that was used for Waterloo: Napoleon’s Last Battle; but it is La Grand Armee at Austerlitz, the latest from the La Grande Armee Campaign series by indie developer Matrix Games that may well capture the hearts and spirits of the hardcore gamer.

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