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The map editor is simple to use to quickly generate new battlegrounds.

The easiest way to make a new map is to simply create it randomly.

The editor is capable of creating complete random maps using nearly all map elements available in the game (rivers, lakes or marshes, woodlands, hills, various types of buildings, roads...).

However, redoubts and brooks are not randomly generated. The player is able to add them very easily by hand though.

A second random mode limits the map generator to the map topography only.

In this way it is very easy to create an initial topographic map, onto which the player is then able to place various map objects and elements.

Map Editor : HistWar : Les Grognards

The Map Editor allows to create custom and random maps, from a small 6 x 4.5 km landscape to a sprawling 30 x 22.5 km battlefield. 

  • 6 * 4.5 km

  • 10 * 7.5 km

  • 15 * 12.25 km

  • 30 * 22.5 km (only for HW:LG)

Map Editor : HistWar : Napoleon

HistWar : Map Editor

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